Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Remember To Use Your Soul Words

"So I'm reading a new book.  I wanna be a better Mommy for you all.  The book is called How We Love Our Kids," I said as I drove my children to the orthodontist today.

"That sounds stupid," said Serena.

"Just hear me out... The book suggests that I keep a list of 'soul words' taped to the fridge.  When you get upset you hafta go to the list and tell me what you are feeling.  Angry.  Sad.  Hurt.  Rejected.  Needy..."
"I'm not doing that."

"Mmmk, but how do you feel right NOW?"

"Annoyed.  With you and that dumb book."

"Fine.  How was school, Bella?"



"Yeah.  Except Savannah said I was a liar.  Then she just stood there with all MY friends like nothing was wrong... I can't stand her..."

"That sucks...  How did that make you FEEL? Use a Soul Word, now."

Bella rolled her eyes.

"Give me that book, Mom."


"Mom.  Give. Me. The. Book.  It's HURTING you.  Let's give it to someone who needs it..."

"But I haven't finished it yet!  What if I'm totally screwing you guys up???  What if I miss the chapter that teaches me how to NOT screw you up??? Don't you want to be a healthy adult with healthy relationships and never have a conflict in your live long life???"

Without further ado Bella snatched the book from my person and threw it out the window.

This is what my children think of self-help literature.

I later put Serena in a headlock and forced her to use soul words to tell me how she felt about said headlock. I wonder what my book would think of that behavior.  I'll never know...