Monday, September 26, 2011

Come On Get Happy!

Today I'm happy 'cause I ate ribs for dinner and mashed potatoes. My man cooked 'em up.  They were delicious.  And plus I had a roll with REAL BUTTER!  OH YEA BABY!!!  REAL LIVE BUTTER!

I'm happy too 'cause my house is sorta clean.

I'm happy 'cause I feel quiet in my heart.  Shhh.  I'm all peaceful in here.  In this body I got.

We had friends over for dinner and they are Italian.  I feel cool having real actual Italian friends.  It's like we're part of the mob and everything.  BADDA BING BADDA BOOM!

We also have white friends and Polynesian friends, and Irish friends with cool accents and there are lots of Mexicans around that are my pals.  I do equal opportunity friendships.

I'm happy 'cause all my babies kissed me goodnight and Maya tickled me in my armpit and I laughed.

And I read Serena's book to her with all the voices.  I am SOOO good at doing voices.  So that made her giggle a real lot.  And I felt happy about that.

I'm happy 'cause I went to church and taught several six year olds about temples and eternal families and none of them rolled around on the floor or pretended to be leaping frogs.  Although, one did jump on my husband's bad toe.

I'm happy because it's almost Halloween and I love to dress up.  I might be a fairy.  A beautiful, fluffery fairy. Unless I decide to be Morticia from the Adams family.  I can't decide.  But YAY!  FUN!!!

What are you happy about this Moody Monday Morning?