Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beware The Heart Prick If You Choose To Shirk Your Duty

"And Lord, please prick the hearts of the sisters that did not come to clean Thy meeting house today.  We know it is a privilege... blah blah blah....".

I didn't hear anything after she asked God to prick the hearts of the sisters.  I WAS SHOCKED!  She totally TATTLE TOLD on those women!  TO GOD!  That is some SERIOUS tattletaling.

I am SO very grateful I showed up to clean the church today!  I do NOT want my heart pricked.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!! It sounds painful.  I feel sorry for the ladies that were issued such a terrifying curse.

These woman of the pricked hearts were assigned to show up.  They did not.  THEIR NAMES WERE ON THE SCHEDULE AND EVERYTHING!  (There have been times when I have been inconsiderate in like manner, but still...)

The only people who showed up were Kind Quirky Gray Man, Sweet Snowy Haired Elderly Woman and myself.

"I hate to break your heart, Sister Pistol," said Man in my general direction.  "But it looks like it's just you and me."  

"No problem," I responded with a genuine smile.  (I prayed in my car that I would not have a bad attitude whilst cleaning the church.  It totally worked.  It also helped that I downed a great deal of caffeine just prior to my prayerful plea.  Prayer and Caffeine: Breakfast of Champions)

I put my shoulder to the wheel and cleaned with a smile on my face, a song on my lips and a broom/mop/vacuum/duster in my hand.

YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN ME!  I was a joy to behold!  I didn't complain even in my soul.  I did my share and the share of The Heart Pricked.

I never thought much regarding Sweet Snowy Haired Elderly Woman until all was said and done.

The House of The Lord was SPIC AND SPAN thanks to ME and my delightful can do attitude.  I felt happy.  Accomplished.  Prideful, even.

She offered a prayer before we went on our way.  She was soft spoken and peaceful as she said the words.

 "Please prick the hearts of the sisters that did not come to clean Thy meeting house today...".

My jaw dropped and I gasped audibly.

Those is the BIG GUNS, ya'll!

I didn't even know we were ALLOWED to ask for Him to prick someone else's heart!  I learned a new trick!

I'm using it from now on.  I'm gonna wear it OUT, BABY!

That's REAL power!

I hope none of the ladies had a previous heart condition because it may not be ideal to mix an existing cardiac related medical issue with a Divine Heart Prick.

I thought I had contributed a great deal today.

I believe I was upstaged.