Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"What's an 11 letter word for 'I AM A DOLT'? " (The anwer is: Belligerent)

Floating before me floated a man.  A man with a tan.  That man had an arm.  I don't mean to alarm.  But his arm had a tat.  That arm held a child he had begat.

His tat read:


BALLS!  His tat spoke of balls.  Big ones or smalls?  I wondered inside.  Of my head with a scoff I did not try to hide.

Why would he choose to ink that?  I wondered from the inner tube wherein my tush sat.

I floated away from the man with a tan.  And came across another man even more tan.  HIS arm was hairy and too had some ink.  What could it say? I started to think...  I couldn't quite see so I paddled more closer.  Surly this man would not be such a poser.

But he was.  Oh he WAS.  Even worse than that gent.

His tat read:


"Oh, you're real hardcore!" I thought at the man.  "Now you have something to read on the can."

I floated away humming tunes sung by Elvis.  The next man I saw had a tat on his pelvis.

Alyssa's, it read.

Alyssa's? I thought, scratching my head.

Then his shorts slipped a bit.  Those shorts were ill fit.

Alyssa's was not the only text that I saw.  I gasped and I covered my eyes with my paw.

There was a four letter word to explain.  Just what it was that belonged to that name.

I must shake my head at Dick, Harry and Tom.  Why not choose a nice tat that reads MOM? 

Or the name of your Lady?  Those three tats that I saw were really quite shady.

My man has a lovely tattoo on his arm.  As I'm possessive, it works like a charm.

His ink was done out of Love and Desire.  When it's exposed my whole heart catches fire.

CRYSTAL, it reads.  For that is my name.  Since I was borned it never has changed.

My man knows not to be nasty and crass.  I may have his name tattooed on my right shoulder blade because it's an inconspicuous place for a tattoo.