Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am not ready for my own planet... yet...

I am the pinata.  And the pinata is me.

This is my mantra tonight.  For tonight I have finished the pinata I have set out to complete. It is finished.

Bella asked me a week a ago to make her a paper mache wonder filled with candies and delightful surprises for her birthday party, which will be held on Friday of this week.  I was given a picture of the desired final product.  That is all.

I spent the week elbow deep in flour glue and strips of newspaper.  I completed the overall shape and saw that it was good.

I filled the empty vessel with delicious goodies and saw that it was good.

And on the sixth day (today) I completed the overall aesthetic of the pinata made by mine own hands. And saw that it was good.

Now I sit facing my creation.

He smiles at me.  It's an empty smile.  Confused.

"Why am I here?" asks the pinata.

"You are here to complete the measure of your creation.  The First Pinata fell that you might be.  Pinatas are that might have joy."

He stares blankly at me.

I smile intelligently down upon him.  I am filled with compassion.

A staggering thought enlightens my mind.

I speak to my creation,

"In regards to you I am All Powerful.  I could have given you three heads, a tail and fat thighs.  But I did not."

"Am I beautiful in the eyes of the world?"

"You are so much more than you appear to be on the outside.  It's what is inside that counts, little pinata."

"But I still don't understand why I am here. "

"You are here to bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike.  You are here to serve others in Love and Happiness."

"How will I do that?"

I hesitate.

"In your lifetime you will face many challenges.  You will be tested and tried. Those you love most will beat you with a colorful stick.  Forgive them.  They know not what they do....

But if you endure it well you shall be exalted on high.  And in the end you will Be  exactly what you were intended to Be."

"If I am meant to have joy why do I feel so heavy?  What is this weight within?  Have I always been so  encumbered?"

"No, my little friend.  From the dust you came and to the dust you shall return..."

"I'm confused."

"All will be revealed in due time."

And so it is that Great and Dreadful Day is nigh at hand.

Happy Birthday, Bella.