Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My sister is a tyrant

RJR DayDreamer invited me to participate in his blog hop today. YAY!

RJR is my good British bloggy bloggerson pal.  I feel really super fancy that he's my pal because he has an awesome accent.  I wish I had an awesome accent.  Mine is just reg'lar.  You can click on the button to the right and become his friend too!

I was supposed to come up with a song from a movie.  YOU were supposed to guess that movie.  I feel a little sheepish about what I've done here.  But Adam Sandler is my favorite.

I hereby dedicate this song to my personal man.  I love you, Mr. Pistol.  I want to grow old with you.  (I'll be 35 on the 21st so I'm well on my way...) :)

In OTHER news my sister is a sleepy time tyrant.

Coral is visiting for the week with her four howler monkeys.

Lets do the math, shall we?

Coral's 4 howler monkeys  +  My 4 hairy orangutan babies = 8 little monkeys jumpin on the bed.  One fell off and broke her head...Mama called the Dr. and the Dr. said NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPIN ON THE BED!

7 little monkeys jumpin on the bed.... One fell off and broke my favorite lamp...

You get the idea.  It's chaos around here.  The type of chaos I live for. 

Coral and I have kicked my husband out of his own bed.  She sleeps with me when she visits.  Mr. Pistol sleeps on the couch in the playroom.  (That's how come I dedicated this lovely song to him.  He's a keeper, ya'll. ...He only complains a little in the morning time ...somethin about a pain in the neck... like I said.... He only complains a little.... which is mighty big of him.  Yup.  He' a mighty big man, that man o mine.)

Back to Coral and her Tyrannical Rule.  She is insisting RIGHT NOW AS i TPRE THIS THAT I HURRY and type this.  So I can go to bed.  I am beign FORCED TO GO TO BED AGAINST MY WILL!

She makes me all nrbvous.  I doubt you'll be able to make heads or trails. I apologixe for ehr rude 

"I'm tired," she says.  "I can't go to bed until YOU go to bed so hurry up with that dumb blog. Cause I'll just be laying here waiting for you and I won't be able to sleep."


Coral and I and my other sis, Michelle, took our little primates to the public pool.

Between the 3 of us we have created 10 humans.  That's  a lot of humans.  More humans than tyou can shake a stick at.  But if anyone skaes a stick at M,Y primates I'll break his arm off.

Ok OK!  Coral I'm coming im coming jeez why you gotta be so contolling about me.

Coral is the middle sister but it is common knowledge she is the baby.  Wah wah wah.

This is us.  We are all wearing my swimsuits.  I have a swimsuit obsession. I own MILLIONS  of them.  MILLIONDS!


Michelle took the final pic.  She said to give her credit.  wish i could even out that thigh tan line... grrr

Time is up.  she;s pulled the plu