Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fame. Do I want to live Forever? Do I want to learn how to fly? Fame.

"I'm embarrassed I gave you the idea in the first place," says my ridiculously handsome brother, Joe, who enjoys taking random math classes on the weekend.  I brag on him all the time.

"But why?"  I say.  "Blogging is fun.  It's a fun hobby.  I'm sorta famous, ya know."

"Do you want to be really famous?" he says.  

"I don't know.  What's in it for me?"

"Never mind.  It's probably not a good idea."

"Alright.  Alright.  Tell me how I can get really famous.  Now I NEED to know.  Tell me on a need to know basis."


"Vaaaa looooog?!  ...You mean a video log?  On U-tube? Do people really watch those things?"

"You'd be surprised."


"You have a dynamic personality.  People would watch you."  

"My girls asked me to drop them off at the library today.  All by themselves."  (I have a short attention span and often change the subject without

"That's good."

"Is it?  Is it REALLY?  Letting them free to roam all those IDEAS? In BOOKS?  WITHOUT SUPERVISION??  I don't know that it's responsible.  No RESPONSIBLE parent would allow it!  Mom used to drop ME off at the library for HOURS when I was their age.  AND LOOK HOW I TURNED OUT!!  I'LL NEVER BE RESPECTABLE!...

I was reading Flowers in The Attic  at the age of 12.  Serena is 12! History repeats itself."

"What's flowers in the attic?"

"Oh nothing but a lovely little book about a mean grandmother that locks a brother and sister up in the attic for many years.  They become incestuous."

"You should vlog about that."

"About incest?  I feel weird talking about this with you."

I'm seriously considering considering the vlogging craze.  What do you think?  Is it TOO somethin'?  Should I be worried about losing credibilty?  (In case I ever had any?)  I can't decide.  I like to entertain.  So.

PS  I was invited to a swim party last night.  So I wore a suit.  I put a white wife-beater (I look good in those) and a romantic, short-ish emerald green skirt over the suit.  I looked all beachy.

I was THE ONLY adult who wore a swim suit.  THE ONLY ONE!  I was the only harlot with exposed shoulders in the bunch.  Everyone else was in JEANS and tops.

The women had on about 4 layers of tops.  HOW MANY SHIRTS DOES ONE WOMAN NEED, FOR PETE'S SAKE???  The men had on collared shirts... some of them wore parkas and ear muffs and scarves.   TO A SWIM PARTY!

What is this about?!  When do adults lose their sense of wonder and start showing up to events focused on WATER fully clothed.   JEEZ MAN!