Friday, May 13, 2011

The Mystery of Who Deleted my Blog Post and Other Useless Information

So I admit to writing crazy stuff in a fit of hot and sweaty passionate passion and then I am forced to delete that thing I wrote in the morning after 100s of friends and family have already read said writing.

I do that.  Sometimes. Write.  Delete.   If what I post is too sexy or too pissy or too boring or too embarrassing for the folks that love me I then destroy the evidence.  I'm told whatever you put on the internet is gonna be there foooooeevvvver.  So that's bad news for me. 

But somebody... or something...delelted my yesterday's post!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?  WHO WOULD DOOOO THAT?

It was about my brother, mostly.  He has all my passwords.  So I said, "HEEEEEY!  Why you gotta go in and delete the very nice thing I wrote about you!?  How can I trust you with my passwords?"

He assured me he had neither read nor deleted my post. 

Well.  That's a relief.

So who done it?  Can I expect more of my ART to be vanquished without warning???  Hmmmm?


In other news, the sweaty, gelatinous man at McDonald's got my order wrong AGAIN today!  I HATE that place!  And my children keep forcing my hand.  They force my hand to give money at the drive-thru window to a gooey man with a prejudice for and against grilled chicken sandwiches!

I'm IRATE (cheerfully)!  I ate CHICKEN SELECTS!  Ick!  Ewww!  Foul!  What do those lumps of crunch contain anyway?  They taste decidedly BEAK-Y.  Do you suppose...?

In other news, I am driving with my fam in 5 minutes to Prescott, AZ to run another Half a Marathon.  In case you were wondering I have no desire to ever run a Full.  That's just CRAZY!  Plus I just dont wanna.  And that's why.

Prescott rhymes with Biscuit.  It should be spelled Pres-kit.  Or pronounced Pres-cott.  Why does life have to be so very confusing?  I don't understand.  Hardly ever.  Also, Biscuit should be pronounced BIS-COO-IT.  I need to talk to the Master Speller who named those breads!  Like I say, confusing.

In more news, my husband will be driving and I have selected the book I will read him.  It's on my number one top one list.  Which is to say it's my favorite book EV-ER.  And I read lots and a lots of books.  but this one has Mexico and Magic and Delicious Food and Romance and Naked Ladies Riding Off into the Night on Horses.

The book is called Como Agua Para Chocolate.  But I will read the English version to my man.  Which is, Like Water For Chocolate.

PS My Marathon is called the Whiskey Row Marathon which is funny 'cause what if all the runners got wasted on whiskey before they ran?  Then it would be very entertaining to watch wouldn't it?  Watching sober runners run is very very boring.  But DRUNKARD runners?  Now THAT'S something!

I highly recommend.  But some of my Mormon friends think it's rated S for Slutty.  I think it's rated MF for MY Favorite.