Monday, April 11, 2011

Just Spit It Out

Life is too short to eat bad food.  When you are faced with unappealing food or drink:  Just Spit It Out!

(I don't know the person in the photo below but she has the right idea.)

Scenario 1:

You are invited to eat at the home of a family friend.  You are served rubbery, flavorless lasagna.  You take a bite.  You are loathe to swallow and continue injesting this tripe.

In the past you would have politely smiled, swallowed and weakly said, "Thank you for this lovely dinner, Donna.  It's delicious."

THAT, my friends, is called LYING.

My advice to you from now on is: Just Spit It Out.

Don't spit out your food discretely into a napkin.  Napkins are for Pansies!  IT'S TIME TO TAKE A STAND!  Spit with gusto! 

Nevermind the humiliation of your family and Donna's hurt feelings.  This is YOUR life!

Scenario 2:

You have got very fat as of late.  You find yourself shamelessly indulging in a deep fried chimichanga at Pancho's Fine Mexicateria.  Your gelatinous thighs rub together violently.  You are aware of the vast circumference of your belly.  Your muffin top runneth over.  

Your mouth is full to over-flowing.  Suddenly you have a moment of strength.  You remember the motivational picture of The Situation taped to your bathroom mirror.  You want to be SEXY, VIRILE, DESIRABLE, FIT...

No need to fret.  Don't wait another second!  Just Spit It Out!  Shoot a clump of chewed food across the table at your Loved one. She'll get the hint.  Together you can begin the journey to a Vibrant, Healthy New You!

Concluding Remarks:

There are divers ways to apply my new concept. (If you think of any more I'd happy to take them into consideration.)

I challenge you to be creative and bold.  You are now Empowered!  Strong.  Brave.  Skinny.  Justified.

Please let me know how it impacts your life. 

Remember, Don't Be shy!

Just Spit it Out!