Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thread Dread

The better part of my day was spent all a'tangle in Thread and Hair and Shoelaces.

My sister introduced the concept to my 6 year old this weekend.

A strand of hair is wrapped 60 Google times with colorful Thread.  The end may be adorned with beads and charms of the owner's choosing. 

If at any time the Head wearing the Dread wants the Thread removed Instead, the hair must be CUT from the scalp, never to return. 

Naturally I allowed all of my girls to participate in the family trend.

Looks like so:

 All the cool kids are doing it.  HOP ON BOARD!  It only costs 33 cents for a Thingy of thread!  So cheap I'll drop dead!  Yeah, that's what I said. Don't be miSled.  (I don't know anything about sleds.  I from Tucson.)

I was a thoughtful Mama today and took Thread orders this morning before school...

"I want silver and purple with an owl charm and blue beads."

"I want neon green and hot pink and a blah blee blah charm for me."

"I want an Oompa-loompa NOW, Daddy!"

"Alright, Wonka, how much for a Golden Goose?"

"She was a Bad Egg..."

Ugh!  I digress.  So sorry.  My mind is mangled.

Where was I?

The Boy.

The Boy said, "If the girls get all this Thread in their hair what do I get? What will you do for ME? ...hmmmm?"

"I'll take you to the park," I said.

Once we arrived at the park The Boy insisted I Thread Dread his SHOELACES.  He watched anxiously over my shoulder.

I love that. 

He was duly satisfied with the final product. 

"Awesome!  My shoes look SO COOL!" he said.

"Quit whipping your sister with that jump rope," I said.  Business as usual.


Took me only 45 Hundred Hours to complete Serena's request.

"My arms are tired from doing this for so long," I complained.

"Quit complainiing, Mom.  You're a Lift Waiter.  You can handle it." 

"It's weight lifter, honey."

"Same thing.  You almost done?  I'm hungry."

My sweet Bella was kind enough to allow me to cook her dinner before her turn.  Generous.

Chicken burritos with fresh Salsita, in case you wondered.

Dinner was devoured in .5678 seconds flat.  I was back on the job.

I must confess I started Unraveling fast when The Threading began to cut into my American Idol time.

And that's how my day went.

How was yours?

PS  Some Anon Jerk left a nasty comment today that made me feel super sad and bummed and low.  "this the Worst blog yet..." said He/She.   The comment was regarding a post I did about how wierd and cool my sister is.  And how I wish I could be more like her.  Born of insecurity... I deleted it, because it was INDEED the worst one yet.

However, ANON, you are a Big Meanie. And them is fightin' words.

I encourage constructive criticism of my work.  Not flat out abuse, you dim-witted mandrill anus.

Carry On.