Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Mormon

My son is officially a little Mormon now.

He entered the waters of baptism with a splash. 

"Oops! I tripped," he lied as he swam about in the font.

The adults gasped in disapproval.  I laughed out loud.  He's an 8 year old boy for crying out loud.  I would have been concerned had he NOT jumped in and stressed his father.

The fib about "tripping" into the font was presently washed away along with all his other sinful infractions today as he was immersed.

The white lie was washed down the drain.

Prior to the baptism I asked him,

"Do you WANT to get baptised?  It's a lot of responsibility."

"Yeah.  I want to."

"Why?  You don't HAVE to."

"Because...then I will do what Heavenly Father wants me to do."

Of course, at this age he really doesn't have much of a choice, does he?  He chose to get baptised because that is what was expected of him by his parents and grandparents and the entire Mormon Community which surrounds him.

 In addition, He badly wants to be an obedient, true, good boy.

I badly want him to grow up and be an strong, obedient, good Man.  Obedient to God.  True to his eternal Self.

It's quite a responsibility to raise a child in this world.  I need constant Faith and Hope and Prayer to stay afloat.

So many people I love are Lost.  Depressed.  Lonely. Anxious.  Addicted. Confused.  I watch them suffer. My heart bleeds.

I've been there.  I've questioned everything and everyone.  I've kicked against the pricks and returned bruised, battered and starving for light.

I don't want a life of confusion and depression/anxiety associated with The Existential Dilemma.

 I don't want The World to teach my son happiness is found in instant-gratification, addictive substances and degrading pornography.

And so the gift I instill in him is a gift of Power.  This Power is acquired through Faith, Self Control, Right Choices and a Pure Heart. 

I like Big, Powerful Men.  I want my son to be a Big, Powerful Man.  Powerful in the Eyes of God and Men.  He will rise up and be a leader in this world of confusion.  He will lead people for good and they will follow.

I have no career to call my own.  My work and my glory are my children.  I live my life as their teacher and mentor in this game of life.  I will do whatever it takes to help them become the most highly evolved versions of themselves possible.

PS  I'm freakin exhausted!  I've been cookin and cleaning and slavin' and plus I ran 10 miles yesterday!  But did I get to rest after my run? NOOOOO!  I had to scrub toilets and chop salsa and fuit platters and veggie trays.  and once upon a time, last year, I would have these events catered!  and I wouldn't have to piant my very own toes and nails and then the cleaning ladies would come....

I got everything all ready to host a post baptism lunch for friends and fam. We had a good time.  Im BEAT! And hungry for junk.  Im tempted to go downstairs and sneak a huge bowl of nachos and some cake.  But then I'll get obese. 

Will you still love me when I'm obese?