Thursday, January 20, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

Yesterday I discovered the TRUE VINTAGE MAGIC STORY about this dress.

I had written a story about Casandra the Virtuous Vigilante who pushed a potential Lover to his untimely death after realizing Mr. Lovah-Lovah only wished to experience her once and never return.   

I deleted the story.  It wasn't good enough.  I felt there was something missing.

There WAS something missing.

The truth.

On Tuesday I drove 7 hours to Las Vegas to visit my sister and her 4 babies.  Sometimes we just need each other.  (I drove back the other, different 7 hours today, as I am now home at my house where I live in my abode establishment. )

In Vegas I got a manicure from Miss Joey-Blue for the low, low price of a story at bedtime and lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles.  And plus she got to pick the colors.  Pink, yellow and sparkles.  Love.

I showed Coral the pictures of my dress and told her my deleted story. 

"That's MY dress," she said.

"It can't be your dress.  It's vintage.  Handmade.  Fits me perfectly.  I bought it 3 years ago,"  I said.

"I found that dress first in a small shop on 4th Ave," she said.  "I even had it tailored to fit me exactly.  I sold it to Bufalo three years ago when I needed the money."

She sold the dress and I immediatly bought it!

I know you want to doubt the obvious magic-ness at work here.  You want to brush it off as a coincidence.  DON'T. 

Don't sell yourself short, my friend.  Magic can set you free.  Doubters have small, tight, boring little hearts.

Even though Tucson is a very small-ish town and Coral and I both shop/sell at Bufalo Exchange, which narrows things down considerably, THIS is NO coincidence.    

The Fates whispered to me all those three years ago so I could write THIS VERY BLOG.  

I don't remember her wearing the dress because we attended different church congregations.  BUT it was the power vested in me as the Vintage Magic Blog Writer that led me to my sister's dress.

Very strange things happen in the Universe.  And they ALL happen for a reason.  Like blog writing, and such.

I will NEVER doubt the whispering of the Vintage Dress Fates.  And neither should YOU! 

I'll tell ya another short story.  This one will be illustrated by my lovely artist sister.

The Little Princess Who Trusted Too Much

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little Princess.

The Fates whispered to the King and Queen that this Princess was special.  She had great powers.  The little Princess was destined to be a Magnificent Queen and rule in Love and Beauty. 

The King and Queen were warned to protect her with all the bravest warriors in the Kingdom.

 Maldung, King of the The Dark Forrest, watched the little Princess grow in Grace, Wisdom and Power.

Maldung fell in Love with the young girl.  He wanted to keep her as his own. 

One day the lovely little Princess became impatient with the soldiers who constantly surrounded her.      

She made herself invisible and ran away.

She ran until she found herself in a deep dark forrest.  She suddenly felt frightened as she realized she was lost.

Maldung smiled a terrible smile as he knew this was his chance.

He disguised himself as a fluffy, gray Rabbit and went to her.

"Hello, Little Princess," said the Rabbit. 

The Princess had been warned against the cunning and craftiness of the Rabbit but she was lost and alone.  He seemed like such a nice, handsome Rabbit.

"Hello Rabbit," she said.  "I ran away but now I want to go back home.  I'm cold and alone."

"You are not alone, Princess," said Rabbit.  "I will take you to my den and you will be safe."

The Little Princess knew in her little heart she should not follow that Rabbit. 

 It is rarely safe to allow one's self to fall down a Rabbit Hole.

Sensible people know better.

But the little Princess had not yet learned to be sensible.  She had not yet learned to listen to the whisperings of her heart.

Once The Rabbit had her in his grasp she understood he sought to take her Power. 

For a brief moment she felt helpless.

She had fallen down the Rabbit Hole.  She had been tricked.  

Very suddenly her little Princess' heart began to swell in her tiny chest.  She heard the whispering of her enormous heart as deep thunder.

"All is not lost.  Fight, Little Princess. Fight."

And so she did. 

She fought the Demon that had sought to keep her and drain her of her Divine Power. 

"Fight for your Kingdom, Little Princess,"  raced her heart.

In a flash of Light she suddenly understood Who She Was.  In the same flash of Light she was filled with Power.

Energy filled her body like electricity.  Lightening bolts flew from the palms of her hands withering the Rabbit like a dried reed before her very eyes.

The Little Princess returned home and was filled with the Peace and Understanding that comes only of Falling Down A Dank Rabbit Hole and clawing one's self to Freedom.