Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I've decided to bore you with what I made for dinner tonight.

I love to cook.  I love to eat.  I'm decent at both.  Especially eating.  ...And cooking.

I don't use recipes unless I'm baking.  When cooking actual meals I just put "some" of "whatever" until "it's done." 

Here is a bean soup I came up with today.  I added a smidge of fresh jalapeno and brown sugar for flav-ah flave.  I also happened to have a ham bone from a dinner I made WEEKS ago.  Yeah.  Weeks.  I had to clean out the fridge and I felt it a shame to throw away a perfectly good ham bone. 

Given this crappy economic climate my new motto is:

Why throw something away when you can feed it to your family?

I am planning to cross stitch my motto onto a pillow. 

I also made a little salsita. 

That sentance is redundant because -ita automatically makes salsa little.  I always say SALSITA.

I am being generous by sharing with you the ingredients to my favorite SALSITA.  I always make fresh salsitaSalsita out of a jar is no salsita at all.  It's not even food, as far as I'm concerned.  *gags at the the mere thought of eating canned salsita*

These ingredients MUST be chopped by hand and be pretty and fairly uniform in size.  It should be a party in your mouth.  A veritable fiesta of textures and flavors.

If I find out that any of you just threw the precious contents of this salsita into a food processor and made it all mushy and ugly I SWEAR I will hunt you down.  I promise it won't be pretty.

Here we see the finished product of my labors.

"Ok.  Who wants to sit here and pretend they are eating so I can take a picture?" I asked.

"MEEEEE!!!" shouted the little ones.

I feel all warm and fuzzy when I cook and my kids say,

"Mmmmmmmm we LOVE your cooking, Mama!  You're THE BEST Mama in the world!"

Aw.  Shucks.