Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Taylor Swift sang a song at the VMAs on Sunday night.  It spoke to me. 

"32 is still growin up now.... you're still an innocent..."

She supposedly wrote the song as an acceptance to Kanye West's apology from when he was all like,  YOU SUCK LITTLE WHITE GIRL!  GIVE BEYONCE WHAT'S HERS, CRACKER! (I'm paraphrasing here...) Then he took he microphone and hit her over the head and threw sand in her eyes and pulled her hair and pushed her off the stage into a mosh pit containing Lady Gaga and Katy Perry's spiky cone bra...  (That's how I remember it anyway....)

I love Taylor's new song.  As far as I'm concerned 32 is still growing up and so is 42 and 52 and 62 and 102...

She talks about getting pushed off a tight rope and having a hard time getting back on.  I'm pretty sure she was speaking directly to me there...

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I am immature.  A child in heart and mind.  I make lots of mistakes.  Sometimes I write on the furniture and blame it on my children...

Movin outta my folks' house TODAY.  Today is the big day.  I don't wanna grow up again!  I already DID THAT!  It didn't work out so well... 

I was up til the wee wee wee hours packin and chattin with my mom.  Got up at 6am today and feel SLAP HAPPY.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Ever get that way?  So tired and out of sorts you wanna laugh out loud and chirp like a bird and flap your arms when you drop your kids off at school, but none of the other moms are flapping THEIR arms and squackin so you just walk like you're normal?   No?  Huh.  Ummm... Me neither.... *awkward cough*

I'm a child and I like toys. As I was packing last night I thought I'd take a few pics and have a show and tell.  FUN, RIGHT??

Ready to meet my friends?

Sleepy Puppy~ Slept with me in my crib when I was a toddler living in Germany.  Every Army Brat needs a sleepy German puppy.  She is lazy and says tells naughty German jokes sometimes but I love her.

Cabbbage Patch:  Mine when these dolls were brand new and crazy expensive.  Her tongue is stickin out.  She is kind of stuck up and snubs the others regularly but it's only because she is insecure.  We are working on self-esteem...

Gretle (from Hansel and Gretle) and grey kitty ~ I bought them in the Black Forrest in Germany, which is where the wicked witch and big bad wolf still live.  When Gretle misbehaves (which is often) I say, "NINE, GRETLE! NO BREAD CRUMBS FOR YOU! HUMMPH!"

Giraffe~ Gift from my husband 'cause mean girls used to call me Ugly Giraffe when I was an awkward tween.  But they said it in Spanish which is far more hurtful.  Girafa Fea!

Perdo Infante CD~  Bought it in Mexico City on the street.  He's dreamy.
It took me a long time to set these toys up for show and tell.  They kept falling over and fighting and sassing me.  So I sent them to bed without any supper, then I stuck them in a plastic bag and suffocated them until further notice for their own good.  I hope they learned their lesson!

These bags are my happy place.  Isabella Fiore, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (who just died this year and made the price of his designs skyrocket) and VALENTINO (which costs more than my life... don't look it up... I'll die of shame.)

I'm not gonna lie.  I smell amazing!  ALL.  THE.  TIME.  Perfume is my thing.  Wherever I go random people sniff at me and ask what perfum I'm wearing.  Today it's Chanel Mademioselle.  Sexy.  Warm.  Sweet.  Just like me...  Did I mention humble?

I believe the scent of a woman can be used for good or evil.  I choose evil.  Muahahahaa.

This picture was taken by my Aunt Janette in the family Carolina cabin in the woods.  T-bone was a baby.  The memory always makes me smile.

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These are a few of my favorite things.  I think about them when the dogs bites or the bee stings.  Then I don't feel sooooo baaaddd.   

I sang this just for you... as a reminder... that you should not spend money on material things and if I could do it all over again I would add a classic quilted Chanel bag to my collection.