Friday, August 6, 2010

Thrifty Crys

I’m gonna teach you how.

I’ll take you on a journey… Here we go.

Today we (you and I) went to the very pricey and fabulous Anrthopologie. (You’re making a weird face in this pic…)

I LOVE Anthro. It is my Tiffany’s. Nothing Very Bad Could Happen There.

I used to drop scads of dough at this place. The New Improved Me now realizes there are better ways to skin a cat.

The Cat in question being Fashion, of course. Meow. Phft!

This outfit happens to include a darling sundress and a purposefully grandma-esque cardigan. You don’t want to be TOO SEXY, now. Let’s leave something to the imagination, shall we?

Between the two items, you could expect to drop approximately 300 BONES. Just like that! BLAM! A dress and a ball of yarn and YOU’RE BROKE!

In addition to forking out vast amounts of green there has been NO ADVENTURE! You just walk in, see what you want, grab your size and then SELL YOUR SOUL!

Come now. There is a better way. It requires patience, bravery, fortitude and the ability to overlook the strange and musky smell of THRIFT.

As we enter Buffalo Exchange you are greeted by a large girl with 35 piercings in her face and purple hair. We like her. She is our friend. You don’t need to clutch your handbag and return her greeting with a look of unenlightened panic. Just smile and FORWARD MARCH!

We go to the rounders labeled DRESSES.

We weed through all kinds of treasures. There are no end to the possibilities!!! I’M GETTING GIDDY HERE!


AHHHHHH! Then *whisper* I found it! I FOUND IT!! $26!!!!!!!! Ah the joys of the SUNDRESS!
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OK. Let’s a get a grip, shall we? Deep breath.

We are not out of the water just yet. We must also track down a suitable cardigan so as not to appear too slutty.

As we shop my older girls are looking for first day of school outfits. They have been given a $25 budget.

They do well for themselves.

Also as we shop, my younger children are hiding in the rounders, slamming each other up against the walls and wreaking havoc amongst the people. Don’t mind them. They’ll stop when one of them sustains major trauma to the head and or face…

We have our AH HA! Moment HERE. $16!!!!

Grandma NEVER looked as HOT as WE are gonna look in this here sweater meat sweater! No WAY! Grandma is straight up JEALOUS of this fine find. (I like saying FINE FIND…)

So I have never pretended that I’m good at math, but I’m gonna guess that :

$26 + $16 = Less than you would have paid at ANTHROPOLOGIE.

Let’s celebrate with a Dairy Queen Dilly Bar, shall we? Yes. Let’s. We’ve earned it.