Saturday, May 8, 2010


I love bein' a Mama for sooo many reasons!  I'll list few:

~Kids make great props when I'm actually only trying to photograph myself.

~ They are super honest (except for when they totally lie to my face... we're working on that..)

~People are always like, "YOU'VE HAD 4 KIDS!!!  YOU LOOK AMAZING!"  If I didn't have four kids and were single then folks would just think I looked good 'cause I was trying to snag a man.

~When I get out of the shower I have an audience pointing out all my imperfections... (I mean, if I HAD  any... which I don't, of course, so... what they do is point out my perfections.... so that's pretty cool.)

~They keep me out of trouble.

~ I get to scrape boogers off the walls.

~i know what TRUE EXHAUSTION is.

~Sometimes they say, "you look weird"

~ chubby armed hugs and slobbery kisses

~ Sometimes they make me breakfast in bed.  The eggs are always extra crunchy because of the shells... MMMMMMM.  I always eat every bite so I can say , "Look!  I ate every bite!  Delish!"

~I get to hang upside-down on the monkey bars and no one calls the police.  If I were just some lady all alone at the park upside-down, I think someone might call the pigs.

I'm sure I could think of more mushy gooshy stuff.  There's a lot.  I could really inspire tears if I so chose... But if you wanted THAT you could just go to Hallmark and read all the lame cards displayed today.

I love my kids.  Wouldn't go back and re-do.

I'm on my way to Hallmark now....

PS Maya drew the picture I have featured.  In case you are completely daft (or blind)  it is the perfect likeness of MEEEEEEE!  And we all know how much I like myself soooo GREAT GIFT MAYA, MY LOVE!  TE AMO, MI VIDA!