Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Mormon in Las VegasI

I've heard tale that when one returns from a weekend in Vegas phrases like, "DUDE!  I was SOOOO wasted!"  and  "I am SOOO hungover!"  are common.  There also also phrases refering to strippers, illicit flings and gambling.

Sorry guys.  I can't claim any of that.  I honestly would be embarrassed to be drunk as a skunk in public as I threw my money away and wore tasteless, sequined mini-dresses.  The thought of my kids seeing me like that would shame me beyond belief.  Ugh.

My sisters kids live in Vegas.  I have missed them dearly.  Those four babies were the highlight of my trip!  We played and sang and laughed and cuddled.

Everytime the little girls saw me they would light up and shout, "CWWYYSTAL!".  Then they would wrap their tiny arms around me.

I always responded with, "Oh I love you SOOOOO much!  I MISSED you when you were sleeping last night!"

At one point I was alone with my four monnkeys and little Joey (Coral's youngest).  A woman said, "These children are beautiful.  But this is the only one that looks like you.  She pointed at Joey."  Joey and i looked at each other and giggled.

Joey and I had a serious convo. This pic cracks me up!  I didn't notice her doing that at the time.  Curiosity is compelling, I suppose.

"what's your favorite color?" she asked


"WHAT!? Me TOOOO!" then she asked, "What's your favorite animal?"

"Pink unicorns."

"WHAT?!  ME TOOOO!" she said.  "This is CRAZY!"  she giggled.

We sang songs from Annie at Famous Dave's.  "The sun will come up TOOOO-MORROOOOWWW!"

I enjoyed convos with each of the kids.  But I especially enjoyed Grant.  He is such a tenderheart.  He is so sweet he breaks my heart.  Boys are the best!

I also went to church in Vegas.

The most wild thing I did in vegas was have a creme brulee eating contest with my bro-in-law, Adrian.  I ate 5. :) I win!   CUH-RAZZZY  CRYS. :)

As far as I'm concerned, what happens in Vegas pretty much happens wherever I go!