Saturday, March 6, 2010

Love Affair w Diet Coke

Feellin' silly today.  Yesterday SUCKED.  Today I decided to laugh a lot.  I did.  I laughed at everything and everyone.  Even YOU. :)  You know I love you, right?  Then I drank too much Diet Coke so I wrote a romanitc poem regarding said beverage.

Diet Coke is:
Drug of choice for this Mormon Mom
Without you I'm a ticking bomb

Love Affair:
My passion cannot be contained
Wrong.  But I won't be restrained.

My heart says "Yes!".  My Mind says "No."
You ain't no common cup o' Joe

I crave you, brave you every hour
I'll have you if it's in my power.

I've tried to quit you many times
But I can't do it, Love of Mine(s)

You make my heart race lit'rilly
I get all crazy and silly

A fool for you is who I be
Inspire me to climb a tree

I would drink you on a train
I would sip you in the rain
I would have you here or there
I would Love you ANYWHERE

I found you in Paris, Rome and Mex
You run close second to steaming, hot.... cocoa

I've tried to shut you down, you see
Then cry, "Oh please come back to me!"

I can share you if I must
With chubby girls of ample bust
They Love you too, you know, it's true
Diet Coke and a fat bomb burger (extra goo)

You make sure my jeans fit right
And that my booty's extra tight

I Love the burn slide down my throat
I'm glad I'm not a billy goat
                                (or I'd eat the

Aspartame is bad I've heard
Desire's strong, my vision's blurred

You'll be my death, of this I'm sure
I can't turn back.  There is no cure.

I really need this Love Affair
We make a most dynamic pair.

The End