Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Harper did it...

"I KNOW it was you."

"No, Mommy!  It wasn't me!  It was Harper!" said Maya this morning.

This is Harper.  She is invisible.  She's from Cancun, Mexico.  She's an orphan and she stowed away in our suitcases last time we went to Cancun.  She has brown skin and long blue hair.

I've made the mistake of introducing her to people as Maya's Imaginary friend.  Maya became angry and said, "She is NOT imaginary! She is RIGHT HERE!  Ugh!  She's IN-VIS-IBLE! Duh, Mom!"  Oh. Pardon me.

Continuing our previous conversation, I said, "Honey, if it was Harper than why did she write YOUR name? Hmmm?"

I'm trying not to smile because I'm loving every second of this.  I often make a special lunch for Harper at Maya's request.  (Harper has a lot of allergies so I must be cautious when feeding her.)  I talk to Harper all the time.  She's very funny and articulate.

"Mom.  Harper is in a bad mood today and she's trying to get ME in trouble!" said Maya.

"Should Harper be punished?" I asked.

Maya began laughing.  "You have never punished any of us in our LIVES!"  She continued to giggle.

"What am i supposed to do about this, Maya?  You are fibbing to me because I KNOW your handwriting.  And Harper wrote on my keyboard.  What should I do about the two of you?"

"Forgive us, Mommy.  That's what Jesus would do."

My heart swells.  All I can think is:

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, BABY.  It's Ok that you fibbed. I understand why you did it.

Instead I say, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, BABY. :)

(This is Harper and Maya 10 minutes ago.  We're gonna go to the park and have lunch in a minute.)