Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Keepin' Up With the Smith's

Babies are my favorite thing in the world!  If I have a baby in my arms I'm happy happy happy!  Maybe I'll get knocked up again a few times.  What's another rug rat more or less when I've got a house full?

Last night was the Smith Family Christmas Party.  I got my baby fix with tiny Devon (my brother's lil man).  He and I are tight like that.  We played Peek-a-Boo for over an hour.  I love that game.  I eat up how surprised babies get every time I uncover my face and say "boo!".  Genuine shock.  Devon's like, "Oh!  There you are!"  He smiles with all his teeth.  Then we do it again 500 times in succession.  :)  I'm totally in love with this tiny man.  He melts my heart away.  Sigh.

I took advantage of the opportunity to play my parent's piano.  Ahh!  The sound that comes out of that instrument warms my soul. "Pa rum pa pum pum on my drum...".  Christmas sing alongs are the BEST!

This is baby sis.  Michelle.  She just got her poetry published by an Ivy League college.  Princeton? I think.  Whatever.  I'm uber proud!!! I have a see through white boob.  Hmmm. Black bra next time...

Coral, Joe and I are extremely jovial at all times.  Black is the new Christmas red. (Joe, please remember you begrudgingly gave me permission to put this up.  I realize you're a computer genius but please don't dismantle my blog. Thanks.)

We had a wholesome discussion about the possibility of a perverted mall Santa Claus.  He's the guy that doesn't belt out, "HOHOHO WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!"  Instead he whispers, "Can you keep a secret little boy? "  EEEWWW!  HAHAHAHA!

Santa brought the Smith's a pool table for Christmas this year.  FUN!

My Daddy's got mad skills at the pool table.  He's a good ol' southern boy.  That's why.  CRACK!

Grandaddy had a heck of a time putting to together the car track he bought for T-bone. 

Merry Christmas Er'body!!!!!