Thursday, December 3, 2009

Buffalo is Bangin'!

I had no money as a kid and teenager.  I loved clothes and shoes.  What was a girl to do?

I frequented Salvation Army, Savers, Good Will and Buffalo Exchange.  I learned to sew so I could taylor my finds to my body.  (I was a VERY curvy 14 year old.)

Now days I have a bit more cash to play with but I still love second hand stores. 

Tonight my sis and I spent hours pouring over the racks of Buffalo Exchange.  We then had our own fashion show in the dressing room.

"That skirt is huge on you. Pass."

"Those boots are sic!"

"Your legs are SO white!  Wear some tights or something."

I ended up with a sweet vintage leather jacket with fringe. 

I love love love finding hot vintage stuff!  'Cause then women stop me in the street and ask, "Where did you get that amazing dress?".  I smugly reply, "Oh, it's vintage."  In other words,  I'm unique and so is my dress and you can't have it because this is the only one like it the world, PUNK!  (Ok, so maybe the 'punk' was a bit harsh... but the rest is true.)

Once I found a very form fitting, black, vintage cocktail dress for $8!  I tried it on and it fit like a freaking GLOVE!  Whenever I wear that dress I look bangin' and feel bangin'.  It's like KA-ZOW BOOM BANG!  Ya know?  Priceless.

Coral is a Buffalo employee and model.  She is currently featured in advertisements across the country.  The ads reads, "Guilt Free Fashion".  Guilt free, indeed.  My sis rocks a super cute outfit and flashes us her amazing, dimpled grin.  She is gorge!  (I'm still soooo much prettier though...)  ;)  Super proud.

Coral traded an enormous bag full of clothes she doesn't wear anymore for a pair of sexy pink cowboy boots.  (We are forever trading our clothes in order to acquire more.)

I wore a plastic tiara all day today.  When I woke up I thought, "I really need a tiara."  People kept asking, "Why the tiara?"  I responded with,  "I just needed it." 

The chick that rung me tonight up said, "I didn't even notice you were wearing it!  You are totally rockin that thing!"  Why, thank you!

The Buffalo employees dress CRAZY!  They have brightly colored hair, lots of tats and multiple piercings.  Making friends with those people gives me mad street cred.  When one of them compliments my style I feel crazy, sexy, cool.

Buffalo keeps me grounded.  I don't mind the wierd smell or that someone may have died in the fab coat I just purchased.  I'm not afraid of ghosts and I own a washing machine.