Monday, December 14, 2009


I went to visit my sister at work today.  That's her reflection in the mirror.  She was feelin a little blue.  A delivery person entered the store with an enormous box. 

Coral said, "I want to get inside that box so bad it hurts!"

Sadly, she could not get inside the box.  Buffalo Exchange is very strict about employees climbing into enormous boxes on the job. 

Coral began to laugh and said, "It would be funny if someone got into that box and jumped out and scared Sam!"

I'm a very loving sister and wanted to turn Coral's frown upside down. Buffalo has no restrictions regarding siblings of employees climbing into enormous boxes.

I climbed in. I tried not to giggle too loudly as I waited for Sam.  I felt giddy!   It got a little stuffy in there.

From within my cardboard cave I heard Coral say, " Hey Sam, why don't you help me move this box?"

When I felt the box jostle I jumped out suddenly.


Sam convulsed with fear for a second.  She composed herself quickly.  Too late!!!  Coral and I were a heap on the floor.  Tears streamed down our faces.

Poor Sam.  I had only met her once before and now I was hysterical at her expense.  Ah well.  We're fast friends now!  Or maybe she destests me... Who knows?  It was worth it!