Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random thoughts at 12:45 am

I'm not writing anything of import here tonight.

I wish I were a magical fairy with enormous wings. I would fly to the top of the trees and pour love potion on the world. I would have the power to heal broken hearts. I would have the power of love at my finger tips.

I would not buy everyone a puppy because house training them sucks and the gift of puppy poop on your bedroom floor is no gift at all.

I would be a famous fairy and everyone would love me and I would love everyone.

My children would never get hurt and their hearts would never be broken.

My parents would enjoy peace and prosperity.

I think Taylor Swift arranged for Kanye to slight her in front of the world. If she did not, she should thank him profusely. The world now rallies for meek little white girl and will reward her with millions upon millions of dollars. Kanye, would you please disrespect ME in similar fashion? I don't mind if it means the rich and famous protect me and all regular Joes purchase whatever I am selling.

If I didn't have the structure of my religion I just know I'd be an alcoholic and drug addict. Altered states of mind intrigue me.

My personality is so loud I can't stand to wear prints or bright colors. I speak for myself, thank you.

I think my sisters define themselves by who I am. They chose what they are or are not based on my life decisions.

I saw a movie tonight in which food was falling from the sky. The mayor of the city got very very fat. If food fell from the sky I would get very very fat too.

I have to pee.

My favorite color is red. It's bold and brave and sexy.

I know I'm getting too old to be so silly but I can't help it. I don't want to help it.

I'm teaching church tomorrow and should go to bed. I should certainly not publish this crap I'm writing.

I sometimes judge people harshly if I think life is too easy for them. I should judge myself harshly given that criteria. I don't even realize how blessed I am. A spoiled rotten brat.

I want over-the-knee boots and a $90,000 diamond.

When I make decent money of my own I will fly my little family all over the world. I can't wait.

I have a million ideas for books and stories. Great ideas.

If I could truly write the truth of what I see and how I see it I could be a best selling author. Too many people to consider. Stepping on toes.

I would never want to be a man. Having my own member would annoy me.

I should write crap like this everyday. It's cleansing.

I'd like to inject my lips with that stuff. Fat lips are phat.