Monday, September 17, 2012

Gracias A Dios, My child tooted on the kitchen table

Someone recently told me he often wondered if there is a God.  That God seemed sorta "fairy tale-ish".

It had never occurred to me that someone would have doubts about God.  The divinity of my Father in Heaven and the joy I am promised if I'm a good kid helps me wake up in the morning when I'm super grumpy and don't wanna make breakfast for kids and take kids to various destinations and then clean their messes all day only to have them create new ones when they return from their various institutions of learning.


I'm super happy today!!!

I've decided to be grateful, like I told you in my last sappy post.

So today when Tyson shouted, "[One of my sisters] just tooted on the dinner table! She was sitting on it and just GASSED so loud!" I was grateful that my child's gastro insides are in wonderful working order. (Normally I would have been very put out by that kind of lack of decorum in one of my girls!)

I once read of a man who could not pass gas so he expanded and expanded until he had to be popped.  My child will not have to be popped for gas expansion, gracias a Dios.

Gracias a Dios is what people say in Spanish when you ask how they are doing.  It means thanks be to God.

How are you doing? You might ask.

Muy bien, gracias a Dios.  or Very well, thanks be to God.

I have always loved this phrase.  The idea that everything is okay, thanks to God.

I was gonna make oatmeal raisin cookies tonight but there was no butter and no vanilla and no raisins.  And it was the Sabbath so a grocery run was not a possibility.

Instead I found some almost rotten bananas and made bread out of those bad boys.

Gracias a Dios I used what I had and made a delicious treat. 

My family and I watched Good Luck, Charlie as we ate our nana bread with a cold glass of milk.  I love that show!  I'm like the crazy mom character that wants to be on Broadway singing and dancing the LEAD but instead she's a mama.

Gracias a Dios, I'M A MAMA!!!  What would I do without my little changos (monkeys) jumping on my head first thing every morning.  One day they will grow up and I will be saddened to find no one sitting upon my cranium at 6:30am or blowing raspberries on my tummy and shouting, "Mommy farted!!!"

Oh, how I will miss these days.

God made all this joy possible, ya know.  I refuse to accept anything else.

God made my eyeballs.  And my thighs (they are a bit too thick for my liking at the moment) but I'm grateful for those thighs.  Imagine if I were to not have them!!  I'd be short.

I have skin on my face, gracias a Dios.

And fingers on my hands. 

There are beautiful stars outside right now.  God made those.  There are no coincidences.

God put my spirit into this body of mine.  As I get older this body will fade and eventually become dust. 

My spirit will return to the one who created it!  God.

We live in a dark and dreary world where bad things happen.  People get sick.  Marriages dissolve, finances fall apart, there is war and death and random shootings in movie theatres.

Thanks be to God this is a test.

This dark realm is a temporary place.  We do not belong here.

While we are found on this earth, which is a veil of tears, we must have FUN!  FIND JOY IN THE JOURNEY!

I will think of the million kisses Maya gave me on me cheek this afternoon.  And how Tyson held my hand as we watched our favorite Sunday show and ate warm banana bread.

For those who wonder about God let me say this.

God is REAL.  He loves you.  He wants you to be happy.


Happy Monday, Everyone!!!