Sunday, December 2, 2012

$40 Miracle

A friend of mine is struggling financially. 

She texted me a few weeks ago to tell me she was having to sell some of her prized possessions in order to pay for gas and utilities. 

I offered my condolences.

"that super sucks," I wrote.

I'm compassionate like that.

After I wrote "that super sucks" I had a thought.

The thought said, "send her $40 in the mail."  (She lives in a whole entirely different city.)

It felt like a good idea but I didn't do it right then.

The next day I had the impression again.

"Send her $40, bonehead."

Rude. Still a good idea. I told myself I would do it later.  I didn't do it.

The same thought about the $40 floated in and out of my head for two weeks.  I entertained it.  Promised myself I would.  Then I let the idea slip back into the shadows of my fickle mind.

My friend came to town recently.  Right before I went to see her I made sure I had $40 in cash in my wallet to give her.  Why $40?  I didn't know.  Nice round number, I suppose.

Better late than never.

As soon as my friend got into my car she burst into tears.

"I was expecting a check for $300.  But the check written to me is only $260.  I just really need that $40!" she sobbed.


We are connected.  All of us.  God answers our prayers through His children.  I am capable, I now realize, of being an answer to your prayer.  You may very well be the answer to mine.

I am thankful for The Spirit who whispers all things what I should do.  

My greatest wish is to be of service in an important way.  I want to die knowing I did all I could to lift and help those within my reach.

I thank God for inspiration and an extra $40.  How very blessed I am.