Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mirror Mirror in The Woods

 I'M READY!!!!  I'm all packed up to spend the week roughin' it in the mountains with a gaggle of girls.

I packed one duffel bag full of stuff.  Then I said to myself, Oh!  Oh no.  This will never do.  You can't survive with so few accessories and delicious smelling lotions to mask the smell of nature. MORE!  You need MORE!

There are now two duffel bags stuffed to capacity.  I feel slightly better but still wonder what I will realize I have forgotten once stranded in the forest.

Basically I'm good to go though...

Sun screen?  Check.

Hiking boots?  Check.

Full length mirror?  Awwwww yeah, baby!

My husband thought I was nutz when I asked him to pretty please wrap a full length mirror in a blanket and toss it in the bed of the truck. 

He tried to talk me out of it.  But Mama wants what she wants.  He finally complied.  Thanks, Mr.  Sexy Pants!

I plan to lean the mirror up against a tree outside my tent.

I simply refuse to wander about without even knowing what I'm physically presenting to the world.  I need to look glamorously disheveled.

The teen girls in question are armed with cameras.  There will be pictures taken roughly every thirty seconds.  I won't be caught (and tagged on FB) unawares.

I'm ready physically.

I have also prepared spiritually for this thing.  I am ready to be uplifted and to uplift.

What an amazing honor to be allowed to join hundreds of girls and women away from the stress and darkness of The World as we strive together to come closer to God.

Anywho, have a lovely week!   

PS  Be grateful for your hot shower everyday as I am allowed TWO COLD 45 SECOND showers for the 5 day period. Pray for me! :)