Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Bowl Of Love

Check it, yo!

I'm makin' a weird face here, but you and I are close so we don't mind together, do we?  No.  You are welcome to join my super bowl party and chill and witness me make weird faces from dawn til dusk if it suits ya.  Come on ovah...

Lookie at all the evil food (food is a term I use loosely here...) in my kitchen... Here you see chips of various varieties, nacho cheese, fresh salsa of my own chopping, a vat o sour cream, delicious fattening dips made by my girl, Shannon and little bbq smokies.

This is Shannon.  She cooks amazing food.  Tonight she made an jalapeno popper dip and a buffalo blue cheese dip that were TO DIE for.  I will dreaming about the buffalo blue cheese tonight.  And every night for ever more... sigh...

 In addition, milk is on my counter.  Some people these days consider cow milk the root of all evil.  I consider it the root of my Lucky Charms.  There is also Coke to be had.  Full strength in all it's glory.


I don't give a fig for football.  Not me.  I know it's supposed to be ultra sexy and attractive for a woman to know all about the game and cheer right along with the men.  I don't belong to that breed.

Oh, I basically understand the game.  I know a first down is when a big dude tackles a different big dude and they both fall down and roll around on top of each other for a while and then they help each other up and smack one another's big bottoms.

Pro football players have big bottoms, I noticed.  Tight ends.   That's because they are REAL men.  My real man has a tight end big bottom too.  Meowrrrm.

Super bowl was AWESOME, POSSUM!

Mr. Pistol and I invited over three families that don't really know each other and would probably not  hook up of their own accord.  It's fun to mix and match our friends!  I think it went well.

I never know who to invite to stuff 'cause I have lots of friends and fam in Tucson.    I'm always sure someone will feel left out and offended or that the ones chosen won't mesh.  Ah well... If you weren't invited this time and would like to be, please leave a comment below. I will see to it that we buy plenty of psuedo-food to accommodate you and yours. :)

Mi casa es su casa.  I am a lover of the peoples.

Here you see me talking with my hands to my super bowl buddies.  I'm told I talk with my hands quite a lot.  To which I shake my finger and say nay.  Tis false.

  We are all lethargic and comatose due to the vast quantities of food ingested.  Blough.  Delish.

How about that halftime show, eh?

Madonna is 53 years old, my friends.

I had mixed feelings at first.  In the beginning she was slow.  Low energy.  I was disappointed but THEN ... OH THEN entered the man who BOUNCES ON HIS BUSINESS!  THAT got my attention.  My eyes were glued to the tube.  He bounced from his junk to his truck then double flipped and landed on his feet. BRAAAVVVVAAAAAA!  ENCORE!

Madonna is hot.  I was impressed as the medley continued.  Her body is SIC!  Can YOU compete with that?   She's got mad genius skillz.  Well done Mama Madge!

I'd like to get the outfit she is wearing above for myself.  To wear to a church talent show.  I would sing, "Like a virgin... touched for the very first time...".  IT WOULD BE A HOT HIT!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Madonna said she would send it to me in the mail.  Looking forward to it.

Kelly Clarkson sang too. That girl can really BLOW!  That's what Randy Jackson says when someone can sing well.  He says, "Woah you can really BLOW" .  And she CAN.  Man oh man can she sing like a canary.  Chirpity chirp chirp.

Some of her little kid back up singers were making the strangest faces ever on a child.  They were possessed by the music in an ugly contorted manner. Sounded angelic though, despite demonic possession of their facial expressions.

This is my friend Nephi.  I am creepy and smiling behind him.  Nephi is 16 and ate 4 heaping plates of nachos.   He is a strapping young lad.  Then he fell asleep on my couch.  I felt very proud to stuff the boy full to the point of slumber.

This is Tyson. He is a 17 year old football/wrestling star.  He is more well known at his school than the principle.  And better liked than Miss Congeniality.  He too ate 4 heaping hopping plates of super nachos.  Here you see the result of said nachos.  Sleepy time.  ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

This is what the American tradition of the super bowl is all about, ya'll!

It is about bringing souls together in harmony despite social cliques or that lack thereof.

It is about rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air... that our flag is still there!

It is about the freedom to criticize who we will.  Like Miranda Lambert/hubby and their very low energy and uninspiring performance.

It is about Love.

It is about eating so much you split your pants.

...AND THE HOME OF THE BRAAAVVVVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I love this country.