Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Everyday poetry

Maya stayed home from school today.  She was a sicky.

I secretly love when my children have slight colds and stay home from school to play with me.

We snuggled in my bed and watched Looney Tunes.  We laughed and laughed.  And snuggled and snuggled.

I thought I might burst with joy.

We thought we might hit a middle of the day movie in our comfies.  We thought we might have some pizza for lunch.  Maya had the pizza.  I drooled and drank my protein shake like a good girl.

In the middle of the movie Maya wanted my 3-D glasses.  Hers were too tight.  I welled with love and gave them up.  I wore the kiddie ones.

She also wanted my sweatshirt.  Her Icee made her coldy.  I welled with more love.  I gave it up.  And froze a little.

Halfway through the movie her throat hurt too much.  We went back home.

I looked into her big clear blue eyes as I felt her forehead for fever.

I saw my husband in those big clear blue eyes.  I did not expect to see him there.  But there he was.

Strong.  Sensitive.  Brilliant.

I remembered the day I Knew.

I remembered the day a bolt of lightening struck my soul and said, "Marry Him."

I was confused.  Afraid.  And suddenly very sure.

I saw my children swimming in the ocean of his eyes.  They laughed at my fear and asked me to jump in. The water was fine.

I jumped in.

I rushed in.

Fools rush in, you know.  So the wise men say.

Tonight at dinner my son said,

"Jace's dad sharted in his pants.  He tooted and then he pooped a little."

"I know what 'sharted' means," I said.  "We don't say that word.  It's not a nice word."

"Why Mama?" his green eyed freckle face was perplexed.  His innocence made me ache inside.

I was loathe to educate him on this matter.

"Because it is a combination of two not nice words.  S-h-i-t.  And Fart.  The combination is 'shart', " said I.

My children giggled.  Then they laughed.  Hard.  At shart.

I shook my head and smiled.

I made tostadas for dinner.  With fresh everything.

We discussed and memorized the 3rd article of faith.  The kids took turns doing dramatic interpretations.  There was rolling on the floor, leaping like frogs and preaching to the choir as they delivered their lines..  There was horrible screeching and melodic deliveries.

We believe that through the atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel.

They all know it now.

It's good to memorize things.

I allowed my husband to envelope me in kisses and warm sentiments as our children lost their silly minds in the midst of us.

He brought home flowers today.  They were kind of ugly.  Grocery store wilting yellow flowers. Petals fell all over the floor.

 I smiled with sincerity and told him I loved him.  I do.

Is it possible that those ugly petal dropping wilty flowers made me love him all the more?

I believe it is.

Mine is a life of everyday poetry.