Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wisconsin or Bust

Happy Day!  Wonderful wonderful news, my friends!

I will be hopping a plane to WISCONSIN on Thanksgiving Weekend!!  YES! It is so very fun to say WIZZZZ COONNN SIIINNN!  The following pic was taken in the magical land of Wisconsin.  Lovely, ain't it.

What else is fun to say is Milwaukee.  It's spelled super weird.  Don't know what the Wisconsinites were thinking there but it's way fun to say.


Fun, no?  Yes.

I am going to the land of cheese and cows because MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!! In Wisconsin.  To a homegrown boy from Wisconsin.  YAAAAAAY HOOOOOO!  below is a Wisconsin dairy farm.  I wouldn't mind living on one of those.  I like cows.  And cheese. And dairy.  And farm.

She met a charming young man who hails from this place called Wisconsin.  He is a salt of the earth type of dude.  Give the shirt off his back,  Knows the difference between right and wrong,  Loves my sister and her four monkies.  He builds ornate book shelves as gifts for Coral out of wood scraps from the garage.  He's a scrapper, this Ray.  I'm happy to have him aboard.

It will probably be chilly at Thanksgiving in Wisconsin.   What ever should I WEAR??

What is the fashion in Milwaukee, anyway?  I may have to do some research.  Maybe I'll just pack lots of flannel shirts and long johns and Ugg boots.

I asked my sister today about the wedding colors.

"What are the wedding colors?" I asked

"I'm thinking a winter wonderland of white and creme and white Christmas trees for decoration..."

"So you want me to wear white?  I can't wear white...  Would I wear creme?  Even that seems too close to Bride."

"You are a very rude jerk.  You can't wear white to MY WEDDING.  You are RUDE. SO RUDE."

"Fine.  What would you have me wear, oh queen of taffeta and lace?'

"Black.  Wear black."

"Like a funeral outfit?  You're just being a ridiculous jerk now.  I won't have it.  What COLOR?  I must plan and save my pennies."

"Lime green.  You can wear lime green.  It will look lovely..."


"Okay..*sighs* .... I'll have to think about it.  I love you.  We'll talk soon," she says with a hug hug kiss kiss.

How I love my sister!  She is the only person on this planet with whom I can completely be myself without fear of judgement or insecurity or jealousy or any such nonsense.

Coral has suffered as a single mother for two cold and empty years,  She deserves the Love she now has.

The world of the singles can be a sad sad wasteland of the lonely and the lost.  I worried so much when she was in that land of confusion and games.

I hug our new man.  I am grateful for him for her.

Ray.  Soon to be Mr. Coral.

He grins like a Cheshire cat.  He is so happy my parents have met and accepted him.  He will marry the woman he loves... in the land where cheese flows freely... and cows speak french and wear sensible shoes.

I hug that Ray.

"I love you," I smile.

"Now?" he chuckles.

"Yup.  It's official.  Love ya!"

I do love the guy.  He makes my little sister happy.  He knows she has four children.  Although he has never been married nor sired a child  he is more than elated to take on the added responsibility of an insta-family.

He's a stand up guy, that Ray.

Serisously though, what should I WEAR?  Right off the bat I'm going to have to lose 5 lbs as standard procedure for preparing for your sister's wedding....

I can't WAIT to plan this all out.

I can't wait to meet Wisconsin and have Wisconsin meet me!

Do you have any tips regarding what I should or shouldn't wear/do/say whilst in Wisconsin?  I'm ready to when in Rome...

PS Here is a pic of Tommy, Me, Coral and Ray.  (Tommy is Coral's best friend.)