Friday, June 17, 2011

Feed Your Sexy Face

Food is an aphrodisiac.

The tingle in your mouth after indulging in fresh salsa de chile verde.  The warmth of creamy soup sliding down your throat.  The cool of sliced watermelon on your tongue.  All of these sensations induce pleasure.  Lighten your mood.   Relax you into a state of Love.  An openness to possibilities.

Let's pretend.  

You are holding a ripe mango in your hand.  Feel the smooth surface gently with your fingertips.  Close your eyes and caress it.  Bring the fruit close and inhale deeply the magical aroma.  Open your eyes and peel the fruit.  Bite deeply into her juicy flesh.  Feel her sweet liquid running down your hands and arms. It drips from your elbows to the floor.  A strange man licks your elbow.  And the floor...

Wait.  Woah.

Why is there a strange man in your mango fantasy? Look. It's a bit weird but I'm not gonna judge. Live and let live, I always say.

I have been beating my head against the wall trying to come up with something fabulous and unique to do for my man for Father's Day.

He lavished me with gifts and services for 12 whole days prior to Mother's Day.  

I am not nearly so creative.  He has really done me a disservice here.  For now I must come up with something more than just a traditional neck tie and handmade card riddled with last minute lipstick kisses.

As I was beating my head against a wall a thought came to my mind.  I shook that thought loose with all the banging.  It rolled out of my ear and landed with a gooey splat at my feet.

Here was my thought... It's profound... 


I stopped beating my head against a wall.

I stared at the thought at my feet.  Scratched my head.  Could it possibly be so simple as all that?

Sex?  And Food?  And Food?  And Sex?

I was dubious.  But I thought I might give it a go.

And so today I went to the grocery store. This was not a regular ho hum trip to the market.  

All my senses were awakened to the sensuality of food.  Every possible texture.  Color.  Scent.  Aesthetic. They all flooded my being with possibility.  I would cook with WILD ABANDON!   I WOULD FORGO MEATLOAF THURSDAY AND FISH STICK FRIDAY!  


I would look to food as my sensual inspiration.

Tonight I cooked.  

Salsa de Chile Verde was a hot ticket item on the menu.  Now that's spicy, baby.

Tomorrow night there will be more cookin'.

I will cook tirelessly until the blessed day arrives.

Then I will rest from my labors, order a damn pizza and feign a headache.

Happy Father's Day.