Saturday, May 7, 2011

Girl Day Autistic Genuis Chinese Food Pinky Pie Dress

"Don't pose, Mom.  I hate when you pose for pictures!" said Serena.

Here is my best attempt at not posing.  Maya and Bella are far better at this game.  Despite their bored expressions they are excited beyond belief here.

Mr. Pistol and The Boy went off to a Father and Son camp out.  They will be up on that flea-ridden, bear-infested mountain all night.  My Dad will meet them to go fishing.  But he will drive back down and sleep in his comfy bed.  I get it.  I really do.  That's what beds are FOR!

Sleeping on the ground is uncivilised!

The Girls and I enjoyed Girl Day.

I took them to get their nails did.

Princesses in training.

We then went to Harvest Moon Chinese Eatery.  It's GOOD, I tell ya.  Quality Asian food.  Plus I didn't have to cook so woo hoo to that.

My girls liked the rice so much they began making sculptures out of it.  Domes, if you will.

Our Dinner Convo:

"What do you think the boys are doing up there on the mountain right now?" asked Maya.

"Well, they are farting and burping with wild abandon, for one," I said.

"Haha. Gross. We don't do that.  We are ladies.  What else are they doing?"

"Peeing on trees to mark their territory.  Boys LOVE to pee on trees."

"Girls make a mess when they pee on trees."

"Yes.  One is bound to pee on her panties inadvertently. Not ideal."

"Tell us a story, Mom."

"When I was a kid my mom didn't let us say Fart.  Instead we had to say "air came out of so-and-so's bottom."  We had to say all those words because they sounded less offensive to Grandmother."

They giggled.

"Grandmother didn't know English very well still when I was growing up so we all talked weird.  Coral got beat up a lot.  We all suffer from mild social anxiety because we didn't fit In anywhere we went.  We couldn't figure it out."

"Is that why daddy has lots of friends and you only like to go out alone?"


"Grandmother is a little bit autistic, like Julia, right mom?"

"Yes.  An autistic genius."

"Can we go home and eat cookies and watch a movie all cuddled up like puppies?"

Then we went home and watched Shopaholic .  Ate cookies and popcorn.  all cuddled up like puppies.

I, myself, am a recovering shopaholic. Shopping used to fill the empty hole in my soul.  I've got it under control now.  Seriously.

PS Do you love my new dress? Its's one of the Mother's Day gifts from Big Poppa.  He also hooked me up with J. Lo's latest album.  I can't stop DANCIN!

  My dress is super Pinky Pie and flowy and longy.  Mormons are not supposed to show their shoulders in broad daylight unless they are exercising. (I do a great deal of exercising but it makes no sense in a Pinky Pie Maxi Dress.

 So I wore a nude Shade shirt underneath.  It would have been sexier if half my boobs had been greeting the world brightly and with vigour.  But I have no need to be sexy in broad daylight. 

Do you?