Monday, May 16, 2011

Emergency Pencil Sharpener

"I got in trouble today at math class," said Serena (12).

"Why?" I asked.

"I told Mr. V about his Pain Body."

"Uh oh."


For those of you who don't know I am obsessed with the writings of Eckhart Tolle and his concept of The Pain Body, I will explain.

Do you ever feel really crazy mad or super sappy sad or jealous beyond reason?  Well, that's not really YOU.  It's your Pain Body.  The REAL you is always at peace.  An eternal soul who knows this too shall pass.

A Pain Body (among other things) is an addiction to unhappiness.  There is something within us that kinda wants to be miserable.  It called (let's say it together)  Paaaiiinnn Boooodddyyy.

You can't break free from the Pain Body until you know you have one.  'Cause once you are Aware of your Bad Guy Within you can say  "Go away, Pain Body.  You go away and leave me be!  Leave me be, I say!"

Lately when my kids are fighting or grumpy or combative I say,

"That's just your Pain Body talking, Serena.  Where is the REAL Serena?  Will the REAL Serena please stand up?"

They HATE it.  Or so I thought.

Let's continue my convo with Serena, which occurred only moments ago.


"Why would you need to talk to Mr. V about his Pain Body?"

"Because he has a pencil sharpener attached to his belt."

"What did you SAY about his pencil sharpener that awoke his Pain Body?"

"Well I didn't raise my hand when he was teaching.  Then I said, 'it's pretty FANCYYYY that you have a pencil sharpener fastened to your belt!'

Then I asked him if it was an EMERGENCY pencil sharpener.  Because you never KNOW when your pencil might break."

"So then he got mad, I imagine?"

"Yeah.  Then he got mad and asked me if I wanted to stay after school for detention.  I assured him I did NOT.  Then I said it was his Pain Body talking."

"I can't believe you didn't get detention after all that."

"I know."

Then we laughed and laughed.

I am so pleased my children are understanding important philosophical concepts and sharing them with others.

PS We did have a semi-serious discussion regarding Respect.  She is usually so respectful of adults who aren't me!  I have no idea what got into her.  I say we blame the Pain Body.