Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peace: Golden Toilets in Heaven

Peace is when I take a shower and no one comes in and asks me to make them a sandwich or tie their shoe.  The bread tends to get soggy in there.

Peace is running faster than the chubby girl who zoomed passed me earlier on the trail and why is she so freakin' FAST?  It defies all the laws of nature and even gravity!  The gravity of the situation has me baffled and wounded.  WOUNDED!  If I'm skinnier I should be faster!  Themz is the RULES!

Peace is, like, Monday (yesterday and every Monday) when I clean the whole entire house, run 8 miles, do homeworks with the kids, participate in Family Home Evening without killing any of my children,  make dinner which is steamed broccolees, baked chicken and fresh mashed potatos and I don't get frustrated even once.

(I don't make the same dinner every Monday. But if I did that would be a good one.  I'm sure we agree.  Yes?  Yes. Mmmk.  Why are you always interrupting with your constant asides?  I'm sure I dont know.)

Peace is when my kids are served broccolees and ask for "more broccolees please!"

Peace is what happens when all the caffeine I ingested that day has run it's course and I am no longer spinning about in circles.  But instead stare at the wall like an insane asylum patient and drool.  Drooling is actually quite refreshing.  You should try it at work and then tell me how it went... I'll bet you feel refreshed.

Peace is playing with my toes.

Peace is playing music with your nose.

Wait.  Now that's just silly!  I don't find your nose peaceful in the least!  Why would you believe such a thing?  I'm sure I don't know.

But Peace is when my parents invite me to dinner and say, "You have always been our favorite child!  You are by far the brightest, sweetest and most beautiful to look upon of all our offspring!" 

It has not happened yet, but I imagine I will feel a great deal of peace when it does.

Peace is when I'm the prettiest girl in the room.

Peace is finding the perfect lipstick and not wearing it on my teeth in front of lots of people that are watching me laugh but not telling me I have gobs of Russian Red Mac on my pearly whites, which are now pearly reds.

Peace is a house full of sleeping babes (this includes my husband).  Another day another dollar...  Is that how it goes?  Or is it, another dollar another day?  Or is it if you have a dollar you should spend it post haste and stimulate this lagging economy?

I don't make money doing my job at home but my future street is being paved with gold as we speak.  I wonder if they make toilets of gold in heaven?  Will we have the need for such facilities?  Maybe I want one anyway.  Just to remind me that my scrubbing days are over.  Ahhhhh... now THAT'S Peace.

Hey.  Your turn!

Say your Peace.