Friday, December 3, 2010


My pinata was a HIT!

Get it?  Hit? 

I seriously slay me.  I can't get enough!

That thing held up like a CHAMP!  It withstood the buffetings of voilent children of all ages.

My bro-in-law, Bill, climbed up on the roof of my house.  He was Pinata Puppeteer.  I died laughing everytime he acutally swung to enormous Ice Cream Cone and hit the blind folded child in question.

There is something wickedly delicious about watching a another human being look ridiculous.  I don't care if that human is 3 or 103.  It's dang funny.


Birthday parties are the spice of life!

While they are expensive, inconvenient and indicate impending liver spots, I LOVE to throw a solid B-Day party.  I love inviting too many people and offering too much food.  I love singing happy birthday and wondering what the birthday girl's silent wish might be.  I love watching the opening of gifts.  I love eating leftover birthday cake with my fingers whilst my family sleeps.

I especially love the gifts though.  Gifts is my major love language (...that and Words of Affirmation, but we'll discuss that at another juncture in time...).  When someone gives me a thoughtful gift I positively GLOW.  It means they thought about ME and actually DID something about it.  I get all happy and gooey inside. 

I was SUPER excited to see what gifts Maya got today!  New toys make the world go 'round!

Someone gave her the new Tangled Barbie Doll.  I lit up like a roman candle!

"Welcome to the family Tangled Rapunzel Barbie !" I shouted with fervor.  "I saw your movie in the theatre.  I just want you to know I am SUCH a huge FAN!  I just need to apologize in advance for the fact you will be thrown in the playroom with all the other No Name Barbies... They're not used to celebrities, like you..."

Maya also recieved a Build-a-Bear kit.

I was beside myself!


I really do love those...

I exclaimed over every gift to the point of exhaustion.  I become emotionally spent when I get too excited. 

I know a party was good when I completely crash immediatly after the departure of the last guest.   I partied HARD, yo!  I was TOTALLY WASTED on hard candy.  I'm gonna have a SERIOUS hangover en la manana.  (I'm a major light weight.)

I was POSITIVELY DRUNK on the glee of my baby girl.    

Like I said, Maya's party was a hit!

I'm out, ya'll!