Friday, October 8, 2010

Dancing Housewife

I think it's really pathetic when people are like, "I remember when I was young... I was such a good...blah blah blah...".

It's just sad.  Grow up and move on already!  Right?

Mmmkk.   So I remember when I was young... before children and a ring on my finger.  ...I was such a good dancer...  I miss it.

Sometimes I feel like I've had a body part amputated and even though it's gone it still itches sometimes...

Today I feel super duper itchy.  I WANNA DANCE! IN A CLUB!  WITH PEOPLE!  THAT DANCE!  IN A CLUB! But I can't.

I wanna dance but I gotta scrub potties and tend the younguns.

In my religion we're taught to stand ye in Holy Places.  I didn't used to care about standing in Holy Places.  I like standing in wicked places.  I thought it was pretty fun , actually. 

 But now I see the wisdom in not going to places where everyone is drunk and playing Grab Ass and looking to hook up.

I'm not looking to play Grab Ass.  I don't give a damn about drinking alcohol... I'm wild enough as is...  And I can hook up whenever I feel like it.  I JUST WANNA DANCE!!

Once I tried to do a sexy dance for my husband while standing on my bed. (I had all my clothes on still, so don't be a perv...)  But I hit my head on the ceiling fan really hard and fell off the bed entirely...

Since I can't  go dancing at a club I thought I'd show you what I do everyday all over the house to scratch the dancin' itch... It's really very very sad...

Contrary to popular belief, I AM NOT DEAD YET!  Yes.  I'm Mormon and a mommy and a wife.  But I am not dead yet!!

I hope you enjoy my pain...