Monday, July 26, 2010

Bella Bella Speaks

Tonight was date night with my bella Bella.  She picked my outfit in order to match hers.  Twinners.

We saw Eclipse.

My Bella has a flair for the dramatic.  I have decided to let her write this post.


Yo dude! It's Bella in da house!  I'm nine.

This is my philosophy on life:

I'm chill.  I'm funky.  I can get down with dogs!

My mom is a lunatic.  If you didn't know that you need a cat scan!

This is my foot.  It's gotz nail polish... The blue kind...

My little sister kept KICKING me when I was doing my nails.  Hence the BLOB on the big toe.

My mama took us to Savers today.  She said I look EXPENSIVE!

All day I've been yelling, "I LOOK EXPENSIVE!  I LOOK EXPENSIVE!".

Mama LOVES it when I yell all day.  'Cause it doesn't even give her a headache, that's why.

I also licked my brother on his head.

When I took Mama's picture a dude in hot pink shoes with his lady walked by.  He said, "Nice." Then he said, "Haha."

We are matchy matcherson tonight cause I picked her outfit.

 I like warewolves.

The end.

PS  I do not like EGGS.  I think they stink like eggs on ice.  So there.