Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Good Run

"Botox is just something I CANNOT do without!" said my fancy friend 6 months ago.  "I REFUSE to look like a hag... at ANY age!"

Her face was pristine.  Flawless.  When she smiled nothing moved but her mouth.  I thought she was beautiful (in a very 'I seriously can't tell what you're feeling sort of way').

Since then the disappointment (and lack of funds for Botox) has made her face fall.  And suddenly I'm noticing a lot of older,well-to-do friends of mine with smile lines where there were none and crows feet where in the past I had not noticed the frozen state of affairs.

I look around me and see the ravages of the Recession on the upper-middle class.  When the economy was good I would have convos with my friends that now make me blush. A fly on the wall would have heard phrases such as the following:

"I wouldn't be caught DEAD buying clothes in Wal-Mart!  How humiliating! That's where the trashy people shop."

"I haven't scubbed a toilet in 4 years.  I almost don't remember how it's done now."  (That one was me...)

"I can only wear jeans that cost over $200.  The quality is obvious and nothing else fits me me right.  I really don't have a choice!"

"If my child wants a toy on a Tuesday for no reason and I have a spare $20 bucks it just makes sense to give her what she wants!  The world is a hard place for adults.  I want her childhood to be a wonderland!" (That was me too.)

A SPARE $20 BUCKS?  WHAT'S THAT??? Now it sounds like 'a spare pot of gold'.  I'd expect a little man dressed in green at the end of my rainbow to hand me the cash with a grin and say, "Don't spend it all in one place now!" To which I would respond gratefully, "Oh Thank You Mr. Leprechaun!  You don't know what this means to me!"

I lived in a grand house with grand cleaning ladies and a grand wad of dough in my greedy, perfectly manicured hands.  I would invite people to my mansion and say, "Well, why don't you come in and make yourself at home!  I know your house is not nearly as fabulous as mine and my wardrobe embarrasses yours but I was once a pauper myself... Yes... it's true.  I grew up in South Tucson.  And I, like you, had sub-par haircuts.  But you MUST understand that deep down I'm still the same humble Crys I always was."

Suddenly I see how ridiculous I was. I honestly don't miss the house at all now.  In a couple days time I have shut it down.  My children are safe, fed, warm and loved.  I have come terms with doing my own pedicures and manicures.  I expect no facials.  I frequent no malls.  And I'm fine.

Not to mention I have an AMAZING wardrobe which trumps the closet of anyone I've ever actually met in person.  I had a good run.  I'll say it again... I had a good run.