Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Syd!

This is what I wore tonight.  Check it out.  Total 80s Madonna throwback.  I found the skirt at Buffalo today for $8!!  The vest was another $8!!!  I KNOW, RIGHT!! *screams*  Love it!  I haven't worn these yellow shoes in quite sometime but they make me happy. WEE!  And hot pink screams 'LOOK AT MEEEEE!' And we ALLLL know how I love THAT! 

I stole the plastic bangles from my five year old.

Maya said, "Mom!  Come here!"

"Yes Maya?"

"Mom?  Did I SAY you could borrow my bracelets?"

"Well... no..."

"You have to ask me FIRST!"

I was kinda scared she'd say no.  "Maya?  Can I borrow your braceletes tonight?"


Next subject:

Have you seen Public Enemies?  It's a true story about gangster John Dillinger played by Johnny Dep (oh la la).  I watched it tonight.  The love story KILLS me!

Johnny meets a beautiful brunnette.  They dance once and he knows.  LOVE.  Ah.  Her name is the last word on his dying lips.  He was a criminal for a living but true love did not elude him.  Beautiful. Sigh.  It's like a fairy tale.  He didn't need to take her on several dates or live with her to try it out.  He just KNEW.  I'm beside myself....  Next subject:

This blog is about SYDNI!!!  Today we celebrated her 29th birthday. (Girl, you gettin OLLLLDDDDDD! HAHAHAHA!)

Sydni is married to my brother-in-law, Jason.  They lived in Las Vegas 2 months ago.  Thanks to a crappy economy they now get to live with ME! Yay!

When people discover I have in-laws living in my house they often lower their voices and lean in as if I might share a nasty secret.

"How is it really with in-laws in your house?" they ask.

"I LOVE IT!" I respond.

And I do! When I was a child my mom always allowed people to crash with us.  She also took in every stray dog or cat within a 10 mile radius.  I learned through her example true happiness is helping others.  True happiness is really giving of yourself.  Even when it isn't easy.

My husband's sister, Darci, lived with us for over two years.  I miss her like crazy!!!

Having Syd and J live here is a HUGE blessing.  I'm so happy to have them and I tell them often!

It's always a party at my place.  There are always kids and dogs and adults everywhere.  It's loud and crazy.  I'm loud and crazy.  Perfect combo.

Sydni and I laugh constantly.  We share clothes and BOOTS!  My wardrobe has doubled!  She helps me with the kids.  They adore her.  What's not to love?  She's my sister.  I can't imagine ever having a real disagreement with her.  (She might tell me I look fat in my pants but she'd be doing me a favor... honesty is key with fat pants.)

Tonight we went to dinner with our men.  Syd and I eat like piglets.  I had bread and butter, fried calamari, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach swimming in cheese, an enormous ribeye (I even ate the fat) and then at home I had half a bag of gummy bears and 10 oreos with milk.  Oink. 

Jason said, "I fart a lot when I eat too much sugar.  I've been eating two boxes of hot tamales every night!"

Sydni said, "It's true!  He farts a lot when he eats sugar.  Especially in his sleep!"

Jason said, "You fart SO much in your sleep, Sydni!"

"Yeah but it doesn't count when I'm sleeping.  We do NOT fart in our house because then we'll have kids that think farting is Ok.  And it's NOT!"

I laughed until it hurt.  They are delightful.

After dinner we went home.

I said, "OOO lets have a pajama party!  We can take birthday pics for my blog!  We'll both wear white."

She said, "Ok!  And lets put big gold bows in our hair so we look like Christmas presents!"

Me:  "Totally!"

And we did.