Saturday, August 22, 2009

Murder at the Lake

A relative (we'll call her Kim- for that is indeed her real name) recently posted a public description of a dream had by her teenage daughter. The dream was about me. In her slumber Kim's young one imagined I had murdered and mutilated her mother's face and thrown the body in a lake. I am docile as a lamb and have never been known as a violent person in any capacity. I have never so much as spoken to this girl and I happen to live several thousand miles away from both mother and daughter.

I must admit I was shocked that anyone could possibly dream something so horrific about me. I was hurt, embarrassed and then irate. I was angry Kim would publicly relay such an account and could not understand her reasoning for so doing. I ranted to my parents, friends, siblings, husband and children. I started to question why someone would have such a dream. I wondered what it was about me that inspired such gruesome thoughts. Then I began to question why I was so upset. Had I actually murdered anyone? No. Was I remotely capable of doing so? Again, no. The dream actually had nothing to do with me and everything to do with the dreamer.

A month ago I had a dream in which my husband was less than faithful. Ha! I'm putting it mildly. In my slumber I saw him cavorting with several beautiful, naked young women. I pleaded with him to return to me and our family. He responded by taking a swig of hard liquor, scoffing and turning his back on me. I awoke with tears in my eyes and a broken heart. I saw him sleeping next to me. The memory of his actions were seared in my brain as with a branding iron. "Good Morning, honey." said my oblivious spouse when he felt me staring him down. "Did you sleep well?".

I was furious! I wanted to break his nose. (I would never break the face of any human being and throw their body in a lake, but at this moment a violent thought arose.) "No! I did not sleep well!!!! You CHEATED on me!!! ...with really HOT girls!!!....Lots of them!!!! I can't believe you would DO that!!!" I sputtered. My voice actually cracked with emotion.

"Oh, baby! I'm so sorry you had such an awful dream! What can i do to make it better?", he replied with feeling. "Nothing!!! Just forget it!!" I spat. But I didn't forget it. He had cheated on me last night. Me! The mother of his four children!!! I could not let it go. I did not say another word regarding his filthy actions but I kept an emotional distance and responded to both he and the children in one word answers. He eventually bought me flowers and groveled dutifully all the while assuring me I was the most beautiful woman in the entire world and he could never be tempted by scads of gorgeous, naked women. I forgave him his trespass.

Did my dream truly have to do with my husband's actions? No. At times we all feel insecure regarding our relationships or place in life. I have an amazing man and my dream had little to do with reality. ...He had a similar dream about my being unfaithful shortly after. He was flustered and upset and wanted reassurance. So I said, "Oh, for heaven's sake! It was a dream! I didn't do it. I never would do it, so quit being so insecure." (I'm insensitive and a little mean.) Back to the point, his dream was not a replay of true events but actually an involuntary manifestation of his deepest fears. Don't worry, baby, I ain't goin nowhere.

Dreams can be very powerful. In the tradition of my Mexican family, if I have a dream a loved one is sick or in trouble I always call that person to make sure they are well. As a teen I would always get in trouble because my mother would dream I was sneaking out my bedroom in the still of the night when in fact, I WAS sneaking out my bedroom. I swear she had the Mexican voodoo gift of dreams. I got away with very little thanks to her gift.

One particular night I returned home after sneaking out with some rowdy boys. I snuck up the front walk and opened the door as quietly as I could. Breathing a sigh of relief I slunk soundlessly through the dark living room. "CRYSTAL." Crap. It was said in a thick Mexican accent. Mom. Crap. I said nothing. "I was asleep and I saw you." Aw, crap! She proceeded to describe all my surroundings and and even how many boys vs girls were in the group. She described my previous surroundings with excruciating accuracy. Then she reminded me, "The devil was with you. He is very happy with your actions." Well, that sucks.

Mom's voodoo powers are an exception to the rule, of course. Her dreams actually did have to do with my actions. (You'll find I am very superstitious and sometimes I just pretend to be because its fun...) Normal dreamers only dream what their own minds come up with. I could go on and on about dreams. The more I write the more I realize I'm completely intrigued by the concept of having our subconscious rise to the surface once we are in a vulnerable state. You can be sure I will blog about future dreams once I've done some research to describe their meanings. Maybe I'll even make up a dream or two just to be interesting. Fiction. I DID recently dream I was a vampire flying in and out of people's windows as they slept. I don't believe I hurt anyone, but i did have a really killer bod and rocked some sweet over-the-knee boots.

As for Kim, I can only guess why I would be a villain in the subconscious of her young daughter. Whatever the reason, you can all rest assured I have no plans to visit any lakes any time soon.